- Summer in Benecko - 

Summer in Benecko is just as irresistible as winter. The countryside in the Giant Mountains National Park is perfect for walks and hikes in the environs. However, there are also things to do for those who do not like walking. There is a large number of cycle trails for cyclists which will enable you to see even more of the fascinating countryside from the seat of a bicycle. There are also activities such as geocaching, an inline skating track or the fun "Lufťák" Trail nearby. We are currently also designing a singletrack and a pump track directly in Benecko, because we want to be able to offer you even more. 


— Cycling, footbikes —

Benecko and the Giant Mountains National Park's cycle trails, cycle buses, the chairlift

There are several marked circuits of varying degrees of difficulty, ranging from trails for children through to tracks for expert cyclists, directly in Benecko.

You can also get to know Benecko and its environs on footbikes. Just hire one in Benecko and use it to have a great time. Selected trails include downhill stretches of several kilometres with transport back up to Benecko.

The Kejnos chairlift makes things significantly easier for both hikers and cyclists on their way to the Žalý lookout tower, for example. Cyclists and hikers with a guest card, which you can get from the hotel, will receive a 50% discount on the chairlift and children up to 12 years of age travel for free. (The dates are available at benecko.info)

The connection to the Giant Mountains National Park's cycle trails is also ideal. The map of the Giant Mountains National Park's cycle trails and the cycle buses, the main route of which has several stops in Benecko, is available online at krkonose.eu.

For example, you can return to Benecko with the cycle bus from Jilemnice or Vrchlabí.

— Selected cycle trails in Benecko —

The Benecko-Mísečky cycle circuit: 21.6 km

A medium-length, slightly demanding circuit to Horní Mísečky with a number of beautiful views of Kotel and Špindlerův Mlýn.

A nice family trip with a wide range of options for refreshments and children's attractions.

The circuit around Žalý: 13.5 km

A short, moderately demanding circuit with beautiful views to all points of the compass.

The circuit around Žalý leads around both "humps" of Žalý (Rear Žalý - 1036 m and Front Žalý 1019 m).

The large cycle circuit: 34.2 km

A long, demanding circuit along paved trails which will take you to Dvoračky at an altitude of 1140 m. You will be rewarded with fantastic views and several chances to take refreshment at mountain chalets.  

More information abput cycle trails on Benecko web site:  www.benecko.info 

— The inline trail   —

A relaxed inline trail through the forest which is suitable for everybody, from beginners through to experienced skaters. You will get your blood pumping on the route from the centre of Benecko, breathe in the fresh air and skate through the wonderful Giant Mountains countryside. You can rest at the Rovinka refreshment shop and have something tasty as a reward.

And, if you are not an inline skater, you can hire a footbike or come on a longboard. Your imagination knows no limits here! What does the inline trail look like and what is it like to skate on? Take a look at the video and come and try it.

— The "Lufťák" Trail   —

Have you already heard of the amazing fresh air at Benecko?

No? Do you know what a "lufťák" is?

A "lufťák" is anybody who literally enjoys the fresh air of Benecko in their lungs and in doing so sharpens their senses. Such an oxygenated brain thinks so much better!

You can convince yourself of the connection between good quality air and fun on the more than 2 km long "Lufťák" Trail, which includes a number of interesting stations.

Do you like riddles? Do you like to be active? You do not need to be an Olympian or even Einstein; our trail is for everybody who likes to have fun.

And once you have completed it all, come back to Hotel TOP for a certificate and a sticker. 

— Bike and scooter rental  —


Benecko 148, 512 37 Benecko
tel. rezervace: +420 776 481 104
www: www.miraskischool.cz



  • Croquet, Giant Mikado, Pressboard and more
  • Controllable dragon, training for beginnings
  • Certified seat directly on the bike
  • Suspended wheelchair for 1-2 children
  • Telescopic poles NW
  • Off-road scooters Yedoo, Worker, Across
  • Mountain bikes in different sizes


  • Benecko - Vrchlabi (5 miles)
  • Benecko - Dolni Stepanice (4 mi / 6.5 km)
  • By using Nordic Walking poles
  • Guided bike trip
  • Guided hike
  • We will take you from the hotel to your chosen shuttle bus (up to 8 people)

— Tubing & mountain trikes   —


A tubing park on artificial snow, where you and your children can have fun. You can leave your helmets at home. 


This popular winter attraction does not finish with the last snow! You can also ride specially prepared tubes in summer! The route downhill consists of a channel with several turns, which you can tube down. A magic carpet will then take you back up to the top. 


The mountain trikes have been specially modified for riding on a grassy hill and they are equipped with two brakes which you can use to regulate your speed. They have been designed for children and adults.

Two people can ride them at the same time, which will be appreciated by mums and dads with small children.

Children can ride by themselves from 12 years of age.

The ride downhill is 200 m long and there is a tow back to the top.


— Horse riding   —

The farm, which is surrounded by herds of grazing Hucul ponies and captivating views of the ridges of the Giant Mountains and the Jizerka River valley, attracts more than just lovers of horse riding with its coarse beauty and impressive atmosphere.

It offers horse rides for children and adults (including terrain rides), seating in a timbered pub and an expansive children's playground, which also includes a herd of frolicking mountain goats. The playground was built and is maintained by students of figurative sculpture from the Brno University of Technology.

For more information about the farm: